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Galina Simeonova2014/05/11
     Galina Simeonova is a journalist from Karlovo. The elaboration of Brussel lace is the hobby which conquered her. This type of knitting, which is made with small wooden shuttles is known in Bulgaria as Kalofer lace, on behalf of Kalofer, where in the early 20th century the craft was carried.More
     I will never forget one evening in the town of Nessebar. Actually it was around midnight when a petite Japanese woman, a dancer in the holiday village “Zora” which is located near Sunny Beach, came to me where I was knitting on the square and spend a long time begging me to teach her to knit like me. She had no idea how much time is needed in order to learn it. I placed her hands into mine and we made a few moves together. Then she realized that it is not easy, that it does not happen quickly. So, she was satisfied with a couple of pictures, she bought a magnificent collar, and departed with a sigh. In fact, I have such encounters very often, on a daily basis. The children have the greatest desire to learn how to knit. This is how many years ago I taught one of my sons how to knit, back then he was 9 years old. At that time, he was coming with me to Nessebar, and the tourists watched with interest how the little boy, just like a real magician, was creating lace magic. More